The Language Technologies wing at the Department of Sanskrit Studies is engaged in developing various computational tools for Sanskrit analysis which assist a reader in understanding Sanskrit texts.

Reading and understanding a Sanskrit Text involves following steps.

Complete Sankshepa RaamaayaNam with hindi and English translation is now available in e-book format which allows a reader to navigate through all the above steps and understand the text in a better way.

In future it is possible to develop similar readers semi-automatically with the help of following tools the Sanskrit Consortium is engaged in developing with financial support from TDIL, DIT, Govt. of India.

In addition, the students and faculty of Department of Sanskrit Studies have developed the following tools as a part of their on-going research work.

The Language Technologies wing collaborates with Prof. Gérard Huet of INRIA, France and Dr. Peter Scharf of Department of Classics, Brown University working in the field of Sanskrit Computational Linguistics. Under this collaboration a Mirror of Gérard Huet's Sanskrit Heritage Site is made available on our server.

For technical details regarding the above tools, refer to various published papers available here. Department is also engaged in and leads various projects.

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